What is Android OS Rooting?

What is Android Root?

What is android root | lifestan
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What is Android Root? All most every person uses smartphone this days and the number is still growing, Most people use it for just calls and text but don’t know the what an smartphone is capable off, In order to take full advantage/control of your smartphone, You will need to Root (Android) or jailbreak (IOS) your device, First we talk about Rooting (Android Os).
android OS cover more then 80% of smartphone market, Android Os uses Linux kernel and  Smartphones like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Oppo etc are all uses android os and comes with (bloatware) pre-loaded apps that we don’t even use and cant un-instill them either (that’s really annoying thou). Only in U.S android smartphone comes with locked bootloader, which is locked by carrier companies.

So What is Rooting

Rooting is a process which gives you extra control over your Android Operating system device like smartphone, Tablet, android TV and it is called rooting. Different devices uses different rooting methods.


Advantages of Rooting is that you get full control over your device and access to system files and you have no limitation over it like,

1. Support for changing theme, Changing everything from battery icon to smartphone start (booting) animation and much more.
2. Changing kernel like Overclock and Underclock your GPU (Processor) and GPU (graphic) which increase or decrease the device’s performance.
3. Full control over your phone’s application like, installing third party apps and deleting preinstalled application that you you couldn’t uninstall before (now you can delete any app you want)
4. Ability to install custom firmware (also called ROM). For US users you will need to unlock Bootloader first.


Now for the bad news everything that has advantage, Also has disadvantage but these one got only three.
1. Rooting removes your warranty.
2. In some country it’s illegal to Root.
3. If the process goes wrong, There are chances you may brick (dead) your device.


Feel free to ask anything about Root, Just comment below. (:

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    Now I know what is Android Root is all about. Thanks for sharing this its very informative. I am an iPhone user and I want to shift to android.

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