How To Earn Money Without Investment Online

How to earn money without investment?

No investment for earning money??? Don’t worry, you still have golden chances for earning money.
Starting earning money without investment doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg. You can make money online without investment.

We are introducing a fresh bunch of most helpful ways for you to start your business even if you don’t have a cent in your pocket. Starting earning money via internet is the easiest way for getting down to your fantastic investment. After earning money through internet just sit and count your money. And then you are a rich person who can start any business at that time. But I think after trying out these ways you feel like a kid in the candy store and you don’t will to leave it especially if you are lazy bone.

Ways to make money online without investment

  • • You Tube
    • Blogging
    • Self-employed Online Jobs
    • Online Writing Jobs
    • Online Replication Jobs
    • Selling Jobs (Online)


Above all we are starting with the very common and easiest way which can make you famous as well:

1) You Tube:

make money online without investment lifestan

You tube is the easiest way to make money online without investment. All you need for being a successful You Tuber you should have creative mind for making interesting videos in order to get more and more audience.

With uploading 1-2 videos in one week, you can earn $500 to $1000 easily. Just make a You Tube channel and upload your videos and you will get your money through your bank account.

The more you get viewer the more you earn, so try to make your videos according to your audience’s choice.


2) Blogging:

how to make money online without investment lifestan

There are two ways of blogging:
Blogger: If you want to start blogging through blogger at first “sign into” blogger. Then in the top left, click the down arrow and click “New blog”. Enter a name for your blog and choose a blog address, or URL. And now choose a template and click Create blog and now your blog is ready you can get started.

WordPress: At first install WordPress and continue with methods that are shown as guide. Then “log into” your new blog and choose a “blog theme” then start with your first post and try to make good posts so that you can get traffic. After you make your blog you should design it in a professional way so that it attracts people. Start posting some good content, the posts should be useful for audience so that you can get traffic by promoting your blog. This online job is recommended for everyone who can spend time over blogging.

3) Online Self-employed (Freelancing) Jobs:

how to earn money online from home without investment lifestan

In self- employed online job you work independently. You need to have a good online skill and then it becomes a very high earning source for you. Writing an article, data entry work, coding, website design, working as virtual assistant, designing logo, SEO etc… all are the ways of online freelancing job which you can get from internet and will let you make money online without investment.

4) Online Writing Jobs:

If you start writing contents of 1000+ words you can get $10 to $100 depending on quality of your writing. By many ways like writing reviews, blog content, email, social media writer, story writer etc… you can start your online writing job that can give you a good earning. And then you can make money online without investment.

5) Online Replication Jobs:

earn money without investment with transcription job

In replication or transcription online jobs you are given data from audio and video and change over into text. For sure your skill especially in listening, typing and linguistic must be excellent if you are interested in this online job. Indeed you will never take this job for granted if you come to know about payment range of this job, which is $35,000 to $150,000 per year.

6) Selling Jobs (Online):

(Make money online without investment)

how to earn money from website without investment lifestan

If you can create or make any product and  yet you have not found a way to sell it. At first, take pictures of your product and give some information about it and put that on social media. If you have a large list of friends or followers, then you can ask them to share it with others and this way you can promote your product. When people find your products useful for sure they will contact you and order for online shopping.


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