How to Reduce the Waist Size- Healthy Ways to Trim Your Belly Fat

How to Reduce the Waist Size- Healthy Ways to Trim Your Belly Fat

Reducing your waist size improves not just your look but also your health and fitness. The following few changes in your daily routine will help you to gain the waist size that you dreamed of.

Choose the Right Food

1. Reduce the amount of calories you consume

Follow this simple rules, BURN MORE and TAKE IN LESS CALORIES. Simply make a food diary and note down what you eat and the amount calories intake everyday. To keep check on your calories intake, use online calories counters as only 100 calories can make a notable difference over time. Jog for 20 miles per week.

2. Eat more protein and fiber


High-Protein diet, especially breakfast, increase your weight-loss. Eggs, tuna fish, vegetables, salads, almonds, apples, lemon and lean meats are good choices. Eat brown rice, broccoli and skinless chicken.

3. Don’t eat starch and sugar

Avoid high sugar and high starch foods as these foods boost insulin production that leads to greater weight-gain. These food have high calories and less nutritional value and increase your belly size.It includes cereals, rice, beans, potato, bread, pasta and other refined carbohydrates. Avoid fried and junk foods like French fries, burger and Roast. Try to avoid enhanced water, yogurt, and some diet foods that has high level of fructose.

4. Avoid fizzy drinks

green-tea-fat-burner  say-no-to-cool-drinks



Avoid every type of fizzy drinks because this will enlarge your waist. Drink more water throughout the day to boost your metabolism.Water must be warm not cold. You may also drink peppermint tea and green tea with lemon grass.

5. Add  coconut oil in your diet


Coconut oil burns abdominal fat and boost your metabolism. Hence, it reduces the size of the waist and trim belly fat.

Do the Right Exercises

1. Try waist turns and curls

Choose exercises that specifically target the waist.  Avoid doing the old-style crunch. It can damage your spine.

2. Join a pilates or circuit training program


  1. Circuit training focuses on exercises such as squats, push ups, vertical jumps and jumping jack.                                                         pilates1
  2. Pilates focuses on poses to tone your waistline.

3. Trying hooping is amazing


Hula hooping for 10 minutes a day burn hundreds of calories and reduce your waist size.

 Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

1. Reduce stress

Stress produces hormones (insulin, cortisol etc) that may result in greater belly fat. In many people it results in overeating too. Meditation and yoga are techniques that can help you reduce stress. Reducing the stress is important to have a slim waistline.

2. Sleep well

Beautiful woman sleeping

Sleep about 7-8 hours at night. This will increase human growth hormone that burns fat and builds muscles. Insomnia or insufficient sleep has hazardous effect on your health. This is also one of the main causes of increasing waist size.

3. Don’t smoke


If you are serious about trimming your belly fat then put down your cigarettes because it may increase your waist size.
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