soup for colds

Soup for colds:

A bowl of chicken soup for colds is not just good for the soul but really something that nourishes you when you have a cold or a flu.

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There is no scientific evidence that it really helps but we all know that when we don’t feel so well, and if you use ingredients that add lots of flavor and texture and nourishment like vegetables, (some garlic, (which is known for fighting flu) lemon and some ginger), then you really off to a very good start. And I am sure you’ll feel much better quite soon. The way that I am going to prepare the soup doesn’t require any stock. Because the chicken is fried in the pot that you’re going to prepare it in, with no oil in the beginning once that is all browned we’re going to do all the vegetables and take the skin of the chicken. So we don’t need that but the flavor will be in the pot with all the other vegetables.

soup for colds /Lifestan

So let’s get started with soup for colds

Ingredients of soup for colds:

Leeks    250g

Broccoli    400g

Beans       400g

Carrot      250g

Celery     as much needed

baby marrow     250g

Chicken     500g

Ginger    100g

Garlic       25g

Oregano    50g

Bay leaves    only 2

Oil          2 tablespoon

Water          3 liters (add more if you don’t like dense soup)

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* Carrot, celery, garlic and onions are packed with calcium magnesium potassium and vitamins A and D which all were together to help your immune system function.

Starting (soup for colds)

At first fry the chicken and let it take a nice and golden brown color. Take the chicken out of the pot and utilize those flavors in the pot to soft the leeks and the garlic. Now add the leeks. (Remember that leeks are a wonderful ingredient in a soup. It is not as strong as onions it has got it’s got a slightly sweeter flavor and it is brilliant in a chicken soup the combination between leeks and chicken has always been in it.)

Then add fresh garlic. (And remember not to use a tub of garlic the fresh garlic has all those nutritional values that we want to use and let it be part of our meal. Because we fight cold or flu.) Let the leeks and garlic get soft enough. Add vegetables such as carrots and celery and cucumber to the leeks. (You can use the leaves of the celery as well.)

Mix it for one minute and add water and some fresh ingredients like bay leaves some ginger slices. For flavor you can add some oregano then add chicken.  Take out the chicken when it is cooked. Boneless and slice the chicken. Add green beans and broccoli for last few minutes. And add the sliced chicken in the pot. In ext step add some salt and celery to soup.

And let all of them be cooked very well.

Now it is ready, enjoy servings your amazing bowl of soup for colds.


soup for colds /Lifestan

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