How to Write CV Online with Free Online CV Maker?

Write CV Online

This days when you apply for a new job, First thing they are going to need is your CV, Some people don’t know to make CV so they ask their friend to do it. Why not you do it your self its easy to make without any Computer software, we show you how to write CV online in few easy steps.

Things you need: Computer with a internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera)

2. Go to link

CV Maker Front Page
CV Maker Front Page

Now click on (Create a CV now)

Front page interface

After clicked at the create a CV now, You will be prompt at this page,
Black marked box. At the left is your basic information, work experience, Qualification, Educator, Interests and preferences.
Blue marked box. At the middle is fill in the blanks, You need to put your info there
Red marked box. At the top right corner is the option to quick preview, Download.

Basic info

Basic information. You need to type to fill the blanks, Your good name, Email address, phone number, website (if you don’t have website just put – . minus or dot and you have to fill all the blanks if you didn’t then i will not appear at your CV afterward )

Work experience

Work experience. Type about your work experience.


Qualification. Type about your qualification.


Education. Type about your education.


Interest. Type about your interest


Reference. type about your reference.

Quick preview
Quick preview 2

Quick preview. Now when you done typing your reference. click at the quick preview (the top right corner) this will pop up, The red ones are for premium users only and the blacked ones are free. Choose from any free ones like elegant, Exclusive etc and then click OK to quick preview.
NOTE. If didn’t liked the style of your CV go back and select the other one.


Download. After You viewed Your CV click on the download and then select the format you want (I prefer) PDF and select the the print paper size A4 and then click OK, The file will be download in your computer’s download dictionary.

Final product

After download the final product look like these after Print out.

Comment below for any question and suggestion for next article. (:

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    Sounds like a CVMAKER Web page advertisement in detail

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      It’s called affiliate marketing dear ice-cream.(:

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