Know about International space station (ISS)

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You may be familiar with space shuttle or aircrafts that goes into space rotate in the orbit of earth and then after doing their certain planned function come back to earth within their fuell limit. But do you know that we have a permanent space station in our space called  “ International space station (ISS)”.

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What is ISS?

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International space station is a research exploration platform, floating about 350 km (240 miles) above the earth. It is the very first non military corporation if sixteen (16) countries including Brazil, Canada  Russia, Denmark, Germany, France, Norway, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and USA. Its size is about around a football field, weigh almost 1 million pound and took a decades to built.

Size of ISS

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Though, it just only about a five bedroom roomy house, but still it look like a “shiny hulk of interconnecting tubes and metal trusses bracketed by giant wing- like panels ”. It contain two bathroom, one gymnasium and a bay 360-  degree window. Not as much of as your imagination of “Watch tower” in justice league but it’s similar to it.

Size of  ISS crew

Image result for space station hdAn ISS complete its circle around the earth in only 90 minutes at the speed of 28,000 km/h.It has six permanent crew members with international rotation since year 2000 of November. Asteroids usually complete their abroad facilities in six month. Although,  after the Columbia space shuttle disaster an incident in which seven crew died on board while landing the crew size limit to two but the again it restored to six in 2009.  So far, 211 people from 15 countries have visited ISS.

Further study

As it may seem NASA and Russia as the leading body in the space science, now even followed by Indians. China is now rising as the most popular in space technology.

Read china as rising super power to find out about a man who made private spacecraft for you to visit space.



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